Best Layout Ideas for Stardew Valley Expanded 2023

Venturing into the magical realm of Stardew Valley, players are constantly seeking ways to express their creativity, maximize productivity, and enhance their overall gaming experience. Our comprehensive guide explores innovative and efficient farm best layout ideas for Stardew Valley Expanded, comparing features of the beloved Grandpa’s Farm and the immersive Farm 2 Remastered.

From rustic farm aesthetics to efficiency-centered designs, we delve into the intricacies of each layout, offering you in-depth insights into optimizing your farming strategy. Unravel the secrets of self-sustainable farming, adventurous mining, artisan production, and serene wildlife sanctuaries as you embark on your own unique Stardew Valley journey.


List Of Best Layout Ideas in Stardew Valley Expanded

Grandpa’s Farm Layout

Pay homage to your roots with this classic design reminiscent of the original Stardew Valley farm. The beauty of Grandpa’s Farm lies in its variety. It contains designated spaces for crops, animal barns, and coops, just like the original farm. A picturesque fishing pond complements the landscape while providing practical fishing opportunities. Your crops can be interspersed with fruit trees for a colorful seasonal display. A corner of the farm could be left as a wild forest, a private space for collecting hardwood and forging opportunities. Sprinkle the farm with some artisan production buildings for making cheese, wine, etc. Polish the look with ornamental scarecrows, gravel or brick pathways, and charming fences.

Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Layout

For an upgraded farm experience, consider the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout. Here, your farm is an all-inclusive paradise. Notable features include an expansive greenhouse and spacious barns and coops. A larger fishing pond brings the serenity of water to your farm. A special attraction is the expanded cave that doubles as a personal mine. Secret wooded areas are perfect for peaceful foraging sessions. The goal is to create a self-sufficient unit, which not only adds visual appeal but also cuts down travel time.

The Traditional Farm Layout

Step into a storybook with this layout idea. The Traditional Farm Layout emulates the charm of rustic farms, featuring neat rows of crops surrounded by white picket fences. It houses barns for your beloved animals, with ample room to roam. An orchard boasting diverse fruit trees adds visual interest and variety to your produce. Allot space for artisan production to transform your harvests into lucrative goods. Connecting all these areas are paths for easy navigation. Adding windmills or silos can reinforce the classic farm aesthetic.

The Efficient Farm Layout

If efficiency is your game, this layout is your playground. This design capitalizes on the farm’s potential for profit. Large areas are dedicated to high-value crops, all catered to by quality sprinklers. Barns and coops are placed strategically near the farmhouse to save time during daily chores. You can take advantage of junimo huts for automated harvesting. This layout may not win a beauty pageant but will certainly earn you the title of Stardew Valley’s tycoon.

The Wildlife Sanctuary & Landscaping Haven Layout

Embrace the call of the wild with this layout. The focus here is on creating a natural sanctuary within your farm. Large tracts of land are reserved for trees, wildflowers, and untamed grass – the perfect retreat for wildlife. Build small ponds to invite a variety of creatures and provide fishing opportunities. Aesthetically pleasing and serene, this layout may not promise the highest profits but it certainly guarantees a tranquil farming experience.

The Irrigation-Focused Farm Layout

An ode to the importance of water, this layout emphasizes clever irrigation techniques. Large crop fields are arranged to maximize the coverage of quality sprinklers. This layout ensures that every crop is watered daily, conserving your energy for other tasks. The remaining area is divided between livestock and artisan production. Create organized paths and fences to guide your farming activities, combining functionality with visual appeal.

Grandpa’s Farm compared with Immersive Farm

Grandpa’s Farm: Greenhouse

The greenhouse in the Grandpa’s Farm layout is a significant feature that embodies the spirit of efficient, self-sustainable farming. In the harsh, snowy winters of Stardew Valley, it provides a warm sanctuary for your crops. The beauty of having a greenhouse is that it’s season-proof; you can grow any crop at any time of the year, allowing you to plan your farm activities without worrying about the changing seasons.

The greenhouse can be filled with a mixture of everything, from the staples like corn and wheat to more exotic fruits and vegetables, to offer a continuous source of income. Furthermore, the addition of fruit trees at the perimeter can provide a regular supply of varied fruits. Using quality sprinklers to water your greenhouse crops saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on other activities.

Strategically placing garden pots lets you grow crops that are otherwise restricted to a particular season or location. For instance, cactus fruit, normally only grown in the desert, can be grown right in your greenhouse. The same applies to crops like the sweet gem berry, one of the most profitable crops in the game.

The greenhouse, with its ability to offer year-round farming, serves as a testament to the resilient and adaptive spirit of farming. Grandpa’s Farm layout is not complete without this gem of a structure. It not only helps maximize your profit but also allows you to engage in farming throughout the year, irrespective of the weather outside. It’s an investment that truly keeps on giving.

Immersive Farm 2: Deep Cave

Immersive Farm 2 Remastered boasts several features that take the farming experience to a new level, one of which is the inclusion of an expanded, deep cave. This cave is no ordinary feature; it’s a doorway to personal adventure right in your backyard. Instead of having to travel to the mines in the northeast corner of the map, you can embark on your mining expedition at home.

The cave offers you a reliable source of precious resources such as ores, geodes, and gems. These can be used in crafting, upgrading tools, or even donated to the Museum to fill up your collection. Occasionally, you may also find artifacts that add an exciting touch to your mining exploits.

In the expanded version of the cave, you’ll find a variety of areas, each with its distinctive look and materials. It’s akin to having your very own mine, filled with an array of valuable resources waiting to be discovered.

However, exploration isn’t without risks. The cave is home to various monsters, necessitating careful navigation and battle readiness. Having your mind also means having a convenient and constant supply of combat experience.

Note that, the deep cave in Immersive Farm 2 Remastered adds an extra layer of adventure and resourcefulness to your farming life. It invites you to balance the peacefulness of farming with the thrill of exploration and combat, all within the confines of your property.

Grandpa’s Farm: Grandpa’s Shed

Grandpa’s Shed is another unique feature that can be found in Grandpa’s Farm layout, offering a private space to pursue the artisan side of farming. This customizable space holds vast potential to become the heart of your farm’s production process, where raw goods are transformed into more valuable products.

The interior of Grandpa’s Shed can be set up with various machines like Kegs, Preserves Jars, Cheese Presses, Mayonnaise Machines, and Looms, among others. These machines can convert your raw products into artisan goods. For example, milk collected from your cows can be turned into cheese, and fruits harvested from your fields or greenhouse can be processed into jellies or wines. These processed goods command higher prices in the market, significantly boosting your income.

But the shed is more than just a production hub. With careful decoration, it can also become a quaint space reflecting your personal aesthetic. Various items such as rugs, paintings, and furniture can be used to personalize this space. It could serve as a quiet retreat from a hard day’s work or a proud display of your artisan prowess.


In a nutshell, Grandpa’s Shed, with its dual purpose of utility and personalization, encapsulates the spirit of the Grandpa’s Farm layout. It is a space where creativity, productivity, and financial success converge, embodying the dynamic and multifaceted life of a farmer in Stardew Valley.

Immersive Farm 2: Forest Clearing

In the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout, the Forest Clearing serves as a private oasis of natural beauty and calm within your farm’s borders. This area is a testament to the harmonious blend of farming and the untamed wilderness that characterizes the Stardew Valley experience.

This clearing is reminiscent of the Secret Woods area in the game, giving you a similar sense of exploration and discovery. It offers an abundance of hardwood, a valuable resource that can be used to craft and upgrade several important items like the house, barns, fences, and casks. Foraging items such as mushrooms and seasonal berries can also be found, offering a regular source of extra income and cooking ingredients.

But Forest Clearing is more than just a resource provider. It’s a peaceful haven where you can escape the daily routine and enjoy the tranquility of nature. You may even encounter some wildlife, adding another layer of authenticity and immersion to your farm life.

The Forest Clearing, in essence, encapsulates the spirit of the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout: a seamless blend of farming and living with nature. It’s an area that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, providing a retreat that brings you closer to the wilderness and offering valuable resources that aid in your farming journey.

Grandpa’s Farm: Mini Quarry

Grandpa’s Farm layout introduces a unique feature in the form of a mini quarry, bringing the rich resource experience of the Stardew Valley quarry right to your doorstep. This addition to your farm is more than just a source of rocks; it’s a wellspring of valuable minerals and artifacts that makes every day on the farm an exciting treasure hunt.

The mini quarry regenerates daily with various kinds of ores like copper, iron, and gold, which are indispensable for upgrading your tools and crafting machinery. Occasionally, you may also find precious stones like diamonds and emeralds, which can be sold for a high price or gifted to the townsfolk. If you’re lucky, you may even unearth geodes that hold a surprising variety of gems, minerals, and even rare artifacts.

Having a quarry on your farm eliminates the need to travel to distant mountains, freeing up valuable time. This convenience doesn’t detract from the thrill of discovery and exploration; each day brings a chance of uncovering rare and valuable items.

Short Conclusion

In conclusion, the mini quarry feature of Grandpa’s Farm layout amplifies the spirit of self-sufficiency and adventure in your farming journey. It’s a constant source of valuable resources and exciting finds that integrate seamlessly into your daily farm routine, enhancing your Stardew Valley experience.

Immersive Farm 2: Beach Quarry

The Beach Quarry feature is a defining characteristic of the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout, combining the best elements of seaside life and mining adventures. This distinctive quarry by the beach merges the tranquility of seaside living with the thrill of uncovering precious resources.

The Beach Quarry is teeming with resources that regenerate over time. You can find essential ores such as copper, iron, and gold for tool upgrades and crafting advanced equipment. Also, the opportunity to discover precious gems and geodes adds an extra layer of excitement to your farming experience.

The beauty of the Beach Quarry lies not only in the wealth of resources it provides but also in its picturesque location. The soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore, the gentle sea breeze, and the vast expanse of the ocean provide a peaceful backdrop to your resource collection. It’s a spot where the serene life of a farmer meets the rugged appeal of a miner.

In essence, the Beach Quarry of Immersive Farm 2 offers an immersive farming experience that captures the heart of Stardew Valley’s charm. The blend of productive mining and serene seaside ambiance makes this feature a valuable addition to your farming lifestyle, offering both tangible rewards and intangible pleasures.

Grandpa’s Farm: Secrets And Shortcuts

The Grandpa’s Farm layout in Stardew Valley introduces numerous secrets and shortcuts, contributing to a dynamic and interactive farming experience. These hidden features not only encourage exploration but also offer shortcuts to simplify your daily routine and maximize your productivity.

One such secret is the hidden path that leads directly to the Secret Woods, saving you time and making foraging more efficient. Similarly, there’s a shortcut to the desert that bypasses the need for the bus, allowing you to access resources like coconuts, cactus fruits, and sandfish more easily.

Other secrets within the farm layout include hidden spots where rare items can occasionally be found. These may include artifacts, gems, and other valuable resources that you can use, sell, or donate to the museum.

The farm also holds a secret area where rare, seasonal forage items spawn. Discovering these areas can lead to significant bonuses, like finding the elusive Red Mushroom in the fall or a Morel in the spring.

Most importantly, the secrets, and shortcuts in Grandpa’s Farm layout offer an adventurous twist to the game. They keep you on your toes, prompting exploration, and rewarding your curiosity with a smoother, more productive farming experience. Every day holds the promise of a new discovery, encapsulating the thrill and charm of farm life in Stardew Valley.

Immersive Farm 2: Waterfall Pond

In the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout, one standout feature is the Waterfall Pond, an enchanting area that brings the soothing ambiance of a waterscape into your everyday farming life. Combining aesthetics with functionality, the Waterfall Pond offers both scenic beauty and a practical resource for fishing.

The pond is home to a variety of fish species, some of which may be hard to find elsewhere. This means that, without leaving your farm, you can build a diversified portfolio of fish for cooking, selling, or donating to the community center. It can save valuable time that might otherwise be spent traveling to different fishing spots around the valley.

But the Waterfall Pond offers more than just a fishing spot. With its cascading waterfall, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife, it’s a sanctuary of natural beauty on your farm. It’s an ideal place for a quiet retreat, where you can fish to the serene soundtrack of rushing water, rustling leaves, and chirping birds.

In essence, the Waterfall Pond embodies the harmony between nature and farm life that the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout promotes. It’s a space where the tranquility of nature complements the buzz of farming activities, offering a holistic Stardew Valley experience that delights the senses while providing practical benefits.


Stardew Valley Expanded offers a variety of farm layout options to cater to different players’ styles and preferences, enhancing the game’s enjoyment and immersion. Whether you opt for the traditional charm and vast farming area of Grandpa’s Farm, or the unique features and diversified resources of Immersive Farm 2, each layout brings its own flavor and gameplay opportunities.

Grandpa’s Farm secrets, shortcuts, and mini quarry enrich the adventurous aspect of the game, while Immersive Farm 2’s deep cave, forest clearing, and beach quarry offer resource abundance within reach. Ultimately, the best layout is the one that aligns with your personal style and goals, ensuring a fulfilling and fun Stardew Valley experience.


The “most effective” layout in Stardew Valley depends on your gameplay style. The Standard Farm layout provides the most farming space for traditional farming. However, the Riverland Farm is best for fishing, the Forest Farm for foraging, the Hill-top Farm for mining, and the Wilderness Farm for combat and farming.

Making your Stardew Valley farm look good involves planning your layout and decorating. You can use the Stardew Valley Planner tool for this. Create paths, fences, and evenly spaced fields. Decorate with trees, flowers, and furniture. Utilize buildings creatively and keep your farm tidy by organizing chests and machines.

Yes, the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered layout is fully compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded. The mod developers collaborated to ensure compatibility between the expanded game and the new farm layout. Always ensure you have the latest versions of each mod for the best experience.

The most efficient Stardew Valley farm layout would be one that maximizes space usage and accessibility. This often includes grid-based planting for easy watering and harvesting, designated areas for buildings, animals, and crops, and paths that provide quick access to various farm areas. However, the “most efficient” can vary depending on your playstyle and farm type.

The most profitable farm in Stardew Valley largely depends on your playstyle and focus. However, many players find Standard Farm to be the most profitable due to its ample space for crops and animal products. If managed effectively, artisan goods, such as wine and cheese, can be highly lucrative.

Yes, you can play Stardew Valley Expanded without using Grandpa’s Farm. While Grandpa’s Farm layout is recommended by the mod creators due to its added features and spaces, it’s not a requirement. You can choose to play with any farm layout. Just be aware that some unique features may not be available.

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