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Key Take Aways [Where Is Blacksmith In Stardew Valley]

  • The Blacksmith shop in Stardew Valley, run by Clint, is located in the eastern part of Pelican Town.
  • The Blacksmith shop provides various services such as upgrading tools, breaking open geodes, and selling ores, coal, and the furnace crafting recipe.
  • The main purpose of the Blacksmith is to help players enhance their efficiency in tasks like mining, farming, and fishing by providing upgraded tools and resources.
  • At the Blacksmith shop, you can upgrade tools, have geodes broken open, and buy resources like coal and ores.
  • The shop operates from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day except Friday.

The Blacksmith’s shop is located in the eastern part of Pelican Town. If you’re coming from the farm, head into town and then proceed east until you cross the bridge. The Blacksmith is just to the right after you cross the bridge. The building is large and brown, with an anvil outside to signal it’s the Blacksmith. It’s next to the bridge that leads to Joja Mart and the Saloon, and across the river from the Library and Museum. Clint, the blacksmith, operates from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day except Friday.

What’s Blacksmith In Stardew Valley? 

In Stardew Valley, the Blacksmith is a shop run by Clint. It’s one of the most important places in the game as it provides various services that significantly impact gameplay. Here, you can upgrade your tools to better versions using ores and money, which allows you to work more efficiently. Furthermore, Clint can crack open geodes you find in the mines, revealing useful or valuable items inside.

He also sells coal, ores, and the recipe for crafting a furnace. Therefore, visiting the Blacksmith regularly can provide you with more resources, and better tools, and overall accelerate your progress in the game. It’s worth noting that the Blacksmith is closed on Fridays and only operates from 9 AM to 4 PM on other days.

Main Purpose Of Blacksmith

The main purpose of the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley is to provide services for upgrading tools, breaking open geodes, and purchasing ores and coal. Upgrading tools is crucial for players to enhance their efficiency in tasks such as mining, farming, and fishing. Breaking open geodes can provide players with various resources and artifacts.

Lastly, purchasing ores and coal from the Blacksmith allows players to craft and upgrade items on their farm without needing to mine these resources themselves. The Blacksmith plays an integral role in the progress of the game, supporting resource collection and equipment enhancement.

What Can You Do At The Blacksmith? 

At the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley, you can avail of several crucial services to enhance your gaming experience. First, you can upgrade your tools, which is a fundamental part of progressing in the game as it allows you to work more efficiently. The Blacksmith can upgrade your tools from basic to copper, steel, gold, and finally to iridium level.

Second, you can have geodes broken open. These geodes, found while mining can contain valuable items, minerals, artifacts, or ores.

In the last, you can buy resources like coal, copper ore, iron ore, and gold ore directly from the Blacksmith. Therefore, visiting the Blacksmith is a significant part of your progress in Stardew Valley as it aids in resource collection and tool improvement.

Blacksmith’s Opening and Closing Hours

The Blacksmith in Stardew Valley is open most days and has the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Please note that the Blacksmith is closed on Sundays and also on festival days. Ensure to check the calendar and plan your visits accordingly.

Blacksmith Upgrades in Stardew Valley

The Blacksmith in Stardew Valley offers several critical upgrades, primarily for your tools. The types of upgrades and costs are:

Upgrade LevelPriceMaterial Required
Copper2000g5 Copper Bars
Steel5000g5 Iron Bars
Gold10000g5 Gold Bars
Iridium25000g5 Iridium Bars

The pickaxe and axe can also be upgraded to break larger stones and logs that are otherwise unbreakable. Upgrading watering cans increases the area of effect, and hoes can till more soil at once. Tool upgrades take two days to complete.

Who is Clint?

Clint is a villager who lives in Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. He is the town blacksmith and runs the Blacksmith shop, where players can buy ores, upgrade tools, and break geodes open. Clint can usually be found working at the shop from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and at the Stardrop Saloon after work. Despite being a bit gruff and socially awkward, he is a kind-hearted person who is interested in geology and metalworking. He’s also fond of Emily and often sends the player on quests to deliver gifts to her.

Clint’s friendships and Relationships

Clint is friendly with many of the villagers in Stardew Valley, and players can cultivate a relationship with him through interacting and gift-giving. Most notably, Clint has a crush on Emily, one of the bachelorettes in the town. He often asks the player to deliver gifts to Emily, signaling his interest. However, he seems to struggle with expressing his feelings directly to her.

Clint has a somewhat gruff demeanor and can be a bit socially awkward, which can make it a bit challenging for him to make friends. Despite this, he is kind-hearted and well-liked by the community. Players can build their friendship with Clint by talking to him regularly and giving him gifts that he likes, such as gems and metal bars. Despite his shyness, Clint appreciates the friendship and becomes more friendly and open as his relationship with the player improves.

Clint’s Schedule

Clint’s schedule in Stardew Valley mostly revolves around his work at the Blacksmith shop. Here’s a general idea of his schedule, though it can vary depending on the day of the week, weather, and season:

  • Monday to Friday: Clint is typically found at the Blacksmith shop from 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • In the evening, he’s usually at the Saloon.
  • On Fridays, he often visits Emily after closing the shop.
  • On Saturdays, he’s at the museum or strolling around the town.
  • He’s usually inside his shop on Sundays, even though the Blacksmith is closed.

This schedule can change depending on various factors, such as the player’s friendship level with Clint and specific events or festivals occurring in the town. Always pay attention to the town’s calendar and the weather to know where to find him.

Clint’s Gifts

Clint in Stardew Valley has a variety of items that he loves, likes, is neutral towards, dislikes, and hates. Here is a brief overview:

Gift PreferencesItemsResult
LovesAmethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Jade, Omni Geode, Ruby, TopazMaximum increase in friendship points
LikesAll “Universal Likes” (with exceptions), Copper Bar, Iron BarDecent increase in friendship points
NeutralAll “Universal Neutrals”, All eggs (except Void Egg)No significant change in friendship points
DislikesAll “Universal Dislikes” (with exceptions), All foraged items (except Quartz), All fruit (except Tree Fruit), All vegetables, QuartzDecrease in friendship points
HatesAll “Universal Hates”, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Iridium OreSignificant decrease in friendship points

Clint’s movies and concessions

In Stardew Valley, the movie theater is a place where villagers, including Clint, go to watch movies. Like all villagers, Clint has his preferences when it comes to movies and concessions.

Clint’s Movie Taste

Movie TasteMovie TitlesResult
Loves“Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture”, “Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World”Maximum increase in friendship points
Likes“It Howls In The Rain”, “Mysterium”, “The Brave Little Sapling”, “The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch”, “The Zuzu City Express”Decent increase in friendship points
Dislikes“The Stellar Night”Decrease in friendship points

Clint’s Concession Preferences

Concession PreferencesConcessionsResult
LovesPopcorn, Candy, Joja ColaMaximum increase in friendship points
LikesCoffeeDecent increase in friendship points
DislikesSoda Water, Ice CreamDecrease in friendship points

These preferences can influence the success of a movie date, as picking a movie and concessions that Clint loves will result in a higher friendship increase. Conversely, picking a movie and concessions he dislikes will result in a lower friendship increase.

Clint’s Heart Events

HeartsLocation and TimeEventResult
3 HeartsEnter the Blacksmith’s shop after 9 amClint tries to tell Emily about his feelings but fails. However, Emily tells him that she appreciates his friendshipIncreased friendship points
6 HeartsEnter the Saloon after 7 pmClint discusses his unrequited love for Emily with youIncreased friendship points
7 HeartsEnter the Saloon after 7 pmClint talks about his progress in expressing his feelings to Emily. Emily encourages him to be more assertiveIncreased friendship points
9 HeartsClint asks for your help to deliver an Amethyst to Emily because he’s too shy to do it himselfClint tries to tell Emily about his feelings, but fails. However, Emily tells him that she appreciates his friendshipIncreased friendship points
14 HeartsEnter Clint’s house when he’s thereClint talks about moving on from Emily and thanks you for your friendshipMaximum friendship points

These heart events give deeper insights into Clint’s story and help to enhance your relationship with him in Stardew Valley.

Clint’s marriage

Clint in Stardew Valley is not an eligible bachelor for marriage. He is a blacksmith and has a crush on Emily, one of the eligible bachelorettes in the game, but he never manages to tell her his feelings. The player can help him with his struggle during his heart events, but regardless of the player’s gender, Clint cannot be married. Clint is instead more of a friendly character, and players can deepen their relationships with him by giving gifts, talking, and completing events. 

Clint’s quests

Clint often has quests for the player that involve gathering various types of ores or geodes. Here are a few of the quests that involve him:

Gathering OreClint will ask you to collect 20 Copper Ores to inspect. These ores do not need to be donated to Clint and can be kept afterward220g, and you can keep the ores
Geode DeliveryClint will request a specific geode to be brought to him. The geode type can varyThree times the base value of the geode and you can keep the geode afterward
Clint’s AttemptA unique quest where Clint asks you to give an Amethyst to Emily for him because he’s too shy to do it himself. This quest can be triggered in the Winter of year 1 or later by entering Pelican Town from the Bus Stop between 9 am and 4 pmProgress in Clint and Emily’s storyline

Please note that Clint’s requests are randomly generated and can vary from player to player and game to game. Always check your “Help Wanted” board in town for Clint’s and other characters’ quests.


In Stardew Valley, Clint, the Blacksmith, plays a significant role in enhancing your gaming experience by offering services like tool upgrades, geode breaking, and providing resources. He also has a rich character arc that can be explored through heart events and quests.

Understanding Clint’s likes, dislikes, and daily schedule can help strengthen your relationship with him, and thus, get the most out of your visits to the Blacksmith. Despite his initial gruffness, Clint is a kind-hearted character whose story adds depth to the social aspect of Stardew Valley. Building a good relationship with Clint can lead to interesting narratives and rewards, making your farming life more enriching and enjoyable.


The Blacksmith, run by Clint, is located in the East part of Pelican Town. From your farm, head east past the Community Center and continue across the bridge. The Blacksmith is the first building on the right, just before the Museum and Library.

Clint requires two days to upgrade your tools. So, if you give Clint a tool to upgrade, you’ll have to manage without it for two days. On the third day, you can pick up your upgraded tool. Note that the Blacksmith is closed on Fridays.

The Blacksmith is available in Stardew Valley from the beginning of the game. You can find the Blacksmith shop in the lower right corner of the town, directly to the east of the bridge that leads to Joja Mart.

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