Green Beans Stardew Valley [Full Guide 2023]

Key Take Aways [Green Beans Stardew Valley ]

  • Green Beans are a spring crop in Stardew Valley that grow continuously after the first 10-day growth period.
  • The planting layout should be accessible for harvest; common patterns are “2xN” or “3xN”.
  • Harvest happens every three days after initial maturity, by interacting with the plant.
  • Green Beans can be gifted, used in recipes, tailoring, or “Help Wanted” quests.
  • Maximize profit by early planting, using quality fertilizer, processing into products, and completing Community Center Bundles.
  • Regular, Silver, and Gold Green Beans sell for 40g, 50g, and 60g respectively.
  • Eating Green Beans replenishes energy and health. If Green Beans are not growing, check season, watering, obstructions, events, and weather.
  • Green Beans’ item ID is 188 for use with cheats or mods.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where players cultivate their lands and engage in various activities like raising livestock, mining, fishing, and foraging. One of the most exciting elements in the game is the diversity of crops you can grow, and among them is the Green Bean. Green Beans are a type of vegetable crop that offers players an opportunity to diversify their farming routines and earn some income from their sales.

Green Beans are unique because they are one of the few crops in Stardew Valley that continue to produce after the first harvest, making them a valuable crop for generating continuous income during the spring season. These perennial crops can be harvested every three days after reaching maturity, offering a steady source of revenue for diligent farmers.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Layout

Creating an efficient Green Bean layout in Stardew Valley is crucial for maximizing yield and profits. As a perennial crop, once planted, Green Beans keep producing every three days, so they don’t need to be replanted like other crops. This trait makes them ideal for layouts that take advantage of their continuous growth.

Given the game’s farming mechanics, where the player can’t walk through matured Green Beans, you might consider creating aisles for easy access. A common layout for crops like Green Beans is a grid-like pattern, with spaces in between rows. For example, planting Green Beans in a “2xN” or “3xN” pattern, where N is any number, allows you to easily access all your crops.

However, if you have acquired the Agriculturist profession (level 10 farming), crops grow 10% faster. In this case, a maximum efficiency layout of a 3×3 grid can be used without spaces. The idea here is to harvest and replant on the same day, thus never needing to walk through the beans. Additionally, if you have sprinklers to automate watering, consider arranging the Green Beans around them to save time and energy.

You should be aware that layouts can always be tailored to the unique shape of your farm, personal aesthetics, and whether you want to prioritize ease of harvest over maximum planting density. Be sure to plan ahead before planting, as rearranging crops is not possible once they’re in the ground.

How To Plant Bean Starter Stardew Valley?

Planting a Bean Starter in Stardew Valley is a straightforward process:

  1. Buy a Bean Starter from Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. They’re available in the Spring and cost 60 gold.
  2. Find a suitable spot on your farm for planting. Green Beans grow on trellises, which means you can’t walk through them. So, ensure you leave enough space for you to access all your crops.
  3. Use your hoe to till the soil. Each Bean Starter needs one square of tilled soil.
  4. Select the Bean Starter in your inventory and then click on the tilled soil to plant it.
  5. Water the soil with your Watering Can. You’ll need to water your Green Beans every day until they’re ready to harvest.
  6. Wait for 10 days for the beans to mature. After that, the plant will continue to produce every 3 days throughout the season.

Green Beans are a Spring crop, so if you plant them too late in the season, they might not mature before Summer arrives. The sooner you plant them in Spring, the more harvests you’ll get.

How To Harvest Beans Stardew Valley?

To harvest Green Beans in Stardew Valley, simply approach the mature plant and right-click or press the corresponding button on your console (X for Xbox, A for Nintendo Switch, X for PS4). If the beans are ready, they will be automatically harvested and added to your inventory.

Remember that, unlike many crops in Stardew Valley, green beans continue to produce after the first harvest. They grow on a trellis and yield every three days after maturing, giving you a steady income throughout the season. They will cease to produce and die off at the end of Spring, so plan your planting accordingly.

When To Harvest Green Beans?

Green Beans in Stardew Valley are ready for harvest 10 days after planting, and subsequently, they continue to produce new beans every 3 days throughout the season. These dates apply if you don’t use any growth-accelerating items like Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro. Remember to harvest your beans before the end of the Spring season as they will wither when Summer starts.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Crop Growth Calendar

Here’s a crop growth calendar for Green Beans in Stardew Valley:

StageGrowth Period
Stage 1 (Seeds sown)Day 1
Stage 2 (Small sprouts)Day 2 – Day 4
Stage 3 (Small plants)Day 5 – Day 7
Stage 4 (Larger plants)Day 8 – Day 9
Stage 5 (Mature plants/First harvest)Day 10
Subsequent HarvestsEvery 3 days after the first harvest

After the initial growth period of 10 days, the Green Bean plants will produce a harvest every 3 days for the remainder of the Spring season.

Please note that this assumes you do not use any growth-accelerating fertilizers or methods, as they can alter the growth timeline.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Gifting

Gifting is an important part of building relationships in Stardew Valley. Here’s how various villagers respond to being given a Green Bean:

LikeCaroline, Clint, Demetrius, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Harvey, Jodi, Kent, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Pam, Pierre, Robin, Sandy, Shane, Willy
NeutralDwarf, Krobus, Leo, Wizard
DislikeMaru, Penny, Sam, Vincent
HateJas, Sebastian, and the rest of the villagers not mentioned above

Remember, gifts can improve or diminish your relationships with the villagers, so choose wisely!

Stardew Valley Green Bean Bundles

In Stardew Valley, Green Beans are used in one specific bundle, the Spring Crops Bundle, located in the Pantry. To complete this bundle, you need to gather and deliver several types of crops that grow during spring. These include Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, and Potato.

Once you’ve collected these items, you can then deposit them into the Spring Crops Bundle to complete it, contributing to the overall restoration of the Community Center or the Joja Community Development Projects, depending on the path you’ve chosen in the game.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Recipes

Green Beans in Stardew Valley can be used in the following recipes with cooking methods.

RecipeIngredientsHow to Make
Stir Fry1 Cave Carrot, 1 Common Mushroom, 1 Green Bean, 1 KaleWith these ingredients in your inventory, interact with your kitchen in your home to cook Stir Fry.
Parsnip Soup1 Parsnip, 1 Green BeanParsnip Soup can be cooked in your kitchen at home by using a Parsnip and Green Bean.
Pale Broth2 White Algae, 1 Green BeanPale Broth can be cooked using 2 White Algae and 1 Green Bean in your kitchen at home once you have unlocked the recipe.
Farmer’s Lunch1 Omelet, 1 Green BeanTo make Farmer’s Lunch, you need to combine an Omelet and a Green Bean in your kitchen at home.
Vegetable Medley1 Tomato, 1 Green BeanVegetable Medley can be cooked using 1 Tomato and 1 Green Bean in your kitchen at home once you have received the recipe.

Remember, you need a kitchen to cook these recipes. You can get a kitchen by upgrading your house at the Carpenter’s Shop.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Tailoring

In Stardew Valley, green beans can also be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create dyeable Farmer Pants. The Farmer Pants is a piece of clothing you can tailor, and using a green bean in this process provides a green color to it.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for customizing your character’s appearance, making the green bean not just a profitable crop but also a useful tool for self-expression in the game.

Stardew Valley Green Bean Quests

Green Beans are occasionally requested in “Help Wanted” quests on the bulletin board outside Pierre’s General Store. When such a quest appears, the player has two days to deliver the requested number of green beans to the requester.

The reward for fulfilling these quests is usually a small amount of gold and an increase in friendship points with the requester. These quests can be a good way to make some extra money and build relationships with the townspeople, making green beans a valuable crop to have on hand.

How To Maximize Our Profits With Green Beans?

To maximize profits from green beans in Stardew Valley, consider the following:

  1. Plant Early: Green Beans are a spring crop, so plant them as early as possible to get the most harvests. Each plant continues to produce beans after the first harvest.
  2. Use Quality Fertilizer: This increases the chance of harvesting high-quality green beans, which sell for more.
  3. Cooking Recipes: Instead of selling raw green beans, use them in cooking recipes like Salad or Stir Fry, which can be sold for more profit.
  4. Preserve Jars and Kegs: Process your green beans into pickles with preserve jars or into juice with kegs for increased value.
  5. Farming Skill: Increasing your Farming Skill will improve the quality of your crops and result in higher selling prices.
  6. Community Center Bundles: Completing these can reward you with items that increase crop value.


The strategy of maximizing profits depends on many factors like farm layout, available resources, and player preferences.

How Profitable Are Green Beans Once Harvested?

Green beans in Stardew Valley can be quite profitable once harvested. They are a recurring crop, meaning once they’re planted and mature, they continue to produce every 3 days throughout the season. Here’s the profit breakdown for each quality type:

  1. Regular Green Beans sell for 40g each.
  2. Silver Quality Green Beans sell for 50g each.
  3. Gold Quality Green Beans sell for 60g each.

Note that the selling prices can increase by 10% with the Tiller Profession, and you can also increase the value by processing them into pickles using a preserves jar, which sells for 2x the base value of the crop plus 50g, resulting in 130g for Green Bean Pickles. Similarly, Green Bean Juice made in a keg sells for 2.25 times the base fruit price at 90g. Considering these factors, green beans can be a profitable crop in the game.

Properties and Healing effect of Green beans

Green Beans in Stardew Valley offer several beneficial properties and healing effects when consumed. As a food item, they can replenish your energy and health, which are crucial for carrying out tasks around your farm and in the mines.

Here are the basic stats for Green Beans:

  • Energy: +13 Energy
  • Health: +5 Health

These amounts increase slightly if you cook the Green Beans into a dish. For example, when cooked into a Bean Hotpot, the Green Beans provide +100 Energy and +40 Health.

Furthermore, as with all crops, consuming Green Beans can also give a small boost to farming experience points. This means that eating them can help you level up your farming skills a bit quicker. It’s worth noting, however, that there are other more energy-dense foods and dishes in Stardew Valley that provide greater healing and energy benefits. Still, in the early game or in a pinch, Green Beans can be a handy snack.

Why Stardew Valley Green Beans Not Growing?

If your Green Beans in Stardew Valley are not growing, several factors could be causing this:

  1. Seasons: Green Beans only grow in Spring. If you’ve planted them in any other season, they will not grow.
  2. Watering: Crops need to be watered every day. If you forget to water them, their growth will be paused for that day.
  3. Obstruction: If there’s something obstructing the Green Beans, like a rock, stick, or even another plant, they will not grow.
  4. Events: Certain events, like crop fairy visits or mushroom trees, can affect crop growth.
  5. Lightning: Lightning strikes can destroy crops. If you had a thunderstorm and a crop disappeared, it’s likely it was hit by lightning.

Check these factors to ensure optimal growth for your Green Beans. If you’re still having issues, it may be a bug, and you should consider reporting it.

Green Bean Stardew Valley Item ID

The item ID for Green Beans in Stardew Valley is 188. To spawn Green Beans using cheats or mods, you’d use this code. For example, if you’re using the item spawning mod, you’d type [188] to spawn Green Beans. Always remember to use cheats and mods responsibly, as they can affect gameplay and save data.


Green Beans are a versatile and valuable crop in the game Stardew Valley. They offer the advantage of continuous yield throughout the spring season, making them a profitable addition to any farm. By understanding the nuances of planting, harvesting, and utilizing Green Beans, players can maximize their profits and build stronger relationships with villagers.

Additionally, Green Beans can be used in a variety of recipes, tailoring, and quests, highlighting their importance in various aspects of gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a beginner, incorporating Green Beans into your farming routine can significantly enhance your Stardew Valley experience.


Yes, you can buy Green Bean seeds, known as “Bean Starters,” in Stardew Valley. They are available at Pierre’s General Store for 60g each in the Spring. You can plant these seeds in your farm to grow Green Beans.

Yes, Green Beans are worth it in Stardew Valley. They’re a reliable source of income in the Spring since they continue to produce after the first harvest. While the initial selling price per bean is not very high, the regular yields make them profitable over the season.

Green Beans are a spring crop in Stardew Valley. They can be planted from Spring 1 to Spring 28 and continue to produce every three days after the first harvest until the end of the season.

In Stardew Valley, Green Beans take 10 days to grow from planting and then continue to produce every 3 days after the initial growth period. This means that once they are mature, you can harvest Green Beans multiple times throughout the season.

In Stardew Valley, you farm green beans by first buying the “Bean Starter” from Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. They cost 60g each. Then, you plant them in tilled soil in the spring. It takes 10 days for the bean plants to mature, and after that, they will produce a new bean every 3 days until the end of the spring. The plants are trellising, meaning they need a tile of free space above them to grow and cannot be walked through, so plan your farm layout accordingly.

To get more green beans in Stardew Valley, you can expand the size of your farm plot and plant more bean starters. Remember, each bean starter takes 10 days to mature and then produces a new bean every 3 days. Using quality fertilizer can also increase the chance of growing quality beans, and the Agriculturist Profession (available at Farming Level 10) makes crops grow 10% faster. Additionally, investing in sprinklers will save you time on watering, allowing you to manage a larger farm. Lastly, retaining the beans for seeds for the next spring can also increase your yield.

The rarest crop in Stardew Valley is the Ancient Fruit. It’s rare because the seed, the Ancient Seed, is primarily obtained through artifact hunting and then donating to the museum, or rarely from seed makers or fishing treasure chests. Once planted, the fruit takes 28 days to grow and continues to produce fruit every 7 days after that in all seasons except winter. Despite its rarity, the Ancient Fruit is quite valuable and can be used to create wine, which is one of the most profitable items in the game.

In Stardew Valley, you can get Green Bean seeds in a couple of ways. The most straightforward method is to purchase them from Pierre’s General Store in town, where they’re sold for 60 gold each. You can buy and plant them during the spring. Alternatively, if you have the Seed Maker, you can place a harvested Green Bean into it to potentially get 1-3 Green Bean seeds. Remember, once the Green Beans start to grow, they will produce more beans every three days throughout the season.

In Stardew Valley, you can buy crops from Pierre’s General Store. The store is located in the northeast area of the town square and is open most days between 9 AM and 5 PM. The variety of seeds available for purchase changes according to the season. You can also occasionally buy seeds from the Traveling Cart, which appears in the Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays. The JojaMart also sells seeds, although their prices are slightly higher than Pierre’s unless you have a membership.

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