Stardew Valley Expanded Egg Hunt Guide 2023

The Expanded Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley is part of the Stardew Valley Expanded mod, which adds new features and content to the game. The traditional egg hunt event on the Spring festival, also known as the “Egg Festival”, is amplified in this mod with additional features. The egg hunt may feature a new larger map, more participants, or more eggs to find, depending on the specifics of the mod. 

Expanded Egg Hunt In Stardew Valley Routes

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route

In the original unmodded Stardew Valley, the egg hunt takes place in the town square, and the eggs can be located in a number of places. The best route may depend on where you start, but here’s a commonly suggested one:

  1. Start by going south, collect the egg by the sewer pipe then head west to collect the egg near the trash can next to the blacksmith.
  2. Turn north and grab the egg on the bridge, and the one next to JojaMart.
  3. Go south and collect the eggs in and around the playground.
  4. Head back east to the graveyard and grab the eggs there.
  5. Then go to the truck and get the egg there.

This route could change depending on the starting position, which is random. It’s also worth noting that egg spawns may have a degree of randomness to them, so you’ll need to stay sharp and look everywhere. For Expanded versions, the route will largely depend on the expanded map and egg locations offered by the mod. Always explore the festival area thoroughly and learn the common egg locations for the best results.

Stardew Valley Sophia Egg Hunt

Sophia is a character added to the Stardew Valley Expanded mod. She’s a resident of Blue Moon Vineyard, west of the farm, and her role in the Egg Hunt depends on the specifics of the mod. As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, I do not have specific details on Sophia’s participation in the Egg Hunt as this is a community-created mod, and thus subject to frequent updates and changes.

However, like many other town events, Sophia and other added characters usually participate and have specific dialogue for these events.

Ridgeside Village Egg Hunt

Ridgeside Village is part of the Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod, which introduces new locations, characters, crops, and events, among other features. 

If an Egg Hunt is included in Ridgeside Village as part of the SVE mod, it would likely function similarly to the standard Egg Hunt in Pelican Town, but with the expanded and unique layout of Ridgeside Village providing a fresh challenge.

Map Guides For the Best Route

Creating a definitive map guide for the best route in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt can be challenging due to the semi-random nature of egg spawning. However, there are some general strategies and routes that players often use in the original Egg Hunt in Pelican Town:

  1. South then West: Start by going south to pick up the egg by the sewer pipe, then head west to grab the egg near the trash can next to the blacksmith.
  2. North to JojaMart: From there, move north and grab the egg on the bridge, and the one next to JojaMart.
  3. Playground and Library: Next, head south and clear the playground and the library area.
  4. Graveyard: Move east to the graveyard and get the eggs in this area.
  5. Wrap up at the Truck: Finish up near the truck, where there’s usually another egg.

Note that eggs can appear in various places around the town square, and part of the fun is the scramble to find as many as you can. Look in all corners and behind buildings!

For Expanded versions of the game or new locations like Ridgeside Village, the optimal routes will depend on the unique layout of those areas. 

Best route on PC (and Console)

The Egg Hunt event in Stardew Valley is the same across all platforms, including PC and consoles. While the exact location of the eggs can vary slightly each time, here’s a generally effective route to follow in the town square:

  1. Head South: Start by going south and picking up the egg near the sewer pipe.
  2. Move West: Head west to grab the egg near the trash can next to the blacksmith’s.
  3. Go North: Move north to grab the egg on the bridge and the one next to JojaMart.
  4. South Towards Playground: Head south towards the playground and the library area to collect the eggs in this region.
  5. East Towards Graveyard: Move east towards the graveyard and pick up the eggs here.
  6. Finish at the Truck: Finally, finish up near the truck, where there’s usually another egg.

It’s important to note that egg spawns might have a degree of randomness. Additionally, your starting position can also be different which might require slight adjustments to the route. Remember, the goal is to get as many eggs as possible within the time limit. Also, your running speed might be different between PC and consoles due to the possible use of different mods or settings, so bear that in mind as well.

How To Win The Egg Hunt Stardew Valley?

Winning the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley requires collecting more eggs than any other competitor within the time limit of 50 seconds. Here are some tips:

  1. Know Your Route: Familiarize yourself with a route that covers a lot of ground in the town square, where the hunt takes place. A route has been suggested in the previous sections of this discussion.
  2. Get Moving Quickly: As soon as the hunt starts, start moving and don’t stop. Time is short, and any pause can cost you eggs.
  3. Prioritize Visible Eggs: Go for eggs that are in your path or close by. Don’t waste time on eggs that are out of the way or require extra time to reach them.
  4. Practice: It may take a few tries to get the hang of the hunt and understand the layout of the egg locations. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win your first egg hunt. The event happens every Spring, so you get a new chance every year!

Pro Tip

Remember, you need to gather at least 9 eggs to have a chance to win, and usually, around 11 or more to secure a victory, but this can vary. Winning the Egg Hunt awards you with a prize (usually a unique decorative item) and a boost to friendship with villagers.


The prize for winning the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley changes each year. Here’s a list of the possible prizes:

  1. First Year: Straw Hat
  2. Second Year: Plush Bunny
  3. Third Year and Beyond: For each subsequent year, you can win either the Straw Hat or the Plush Bunny again. In addition, you’ll receive 1,000g.

These prizes serve as collectible items and do not have any specific functionality, but they do offer ways to customize your farmer and farm. The Straw Hat can be worn by your character, and the Plush Bunny is a decorative item that can be placed anywhere on your farm.

Remember, the Egg Hunt happens annually during the Egg Festival on the 13th of Spring, so you have a new chance to win every year!


While winning the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley provides rewards and is a fun challenge, it’s not mandatory for game progression. The game continues regardless of whether you win or lose. However, winning can offer unique items and increase friendships with villagers.

The easiest way to win the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley is to familiarize yourself with a route that covers a lot of ground in the town square, start moving as soon as the hunt begins, prioritize visible eggs, and avoid wasting time on out-of-the-way eggs. Practice makes perfect!

To participate in the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley, you need to attend the Egg Festival that takes place in Pelican Town on the 13th of Spring. Speak with Mayor Lewis to start the event. Once the event begins, you have 50 seconds to collect as many eggs as possible.

During the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley, your goal is to collect as many colored eggs as possible within the 50-second time limit. These eggs are scattered across Pelican Town. The player who collects the most eggs wins the hunt and receives a prize.

In Stardew Valley, if your character gets pregnant or decides to adopt, a child will appear in the house after 14 days. Initially, the child is a baby and stays in the crib, but over time, they’ll grow into a toddler who can walk and interact with you.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the most profitable egg in Stardew Valley is the ostrich egg, introduced in the 1.5 update. It’s worth 600g at base quality, and an ostrich incubator is required to obtain an ostrich for egg production. Prior to this, large dinosaur eggs were the most valuable, worth 350g each.

Winning the Stardew Valley Fair awards you with 1,000 Star Tokens, which can be used at the prize booth to purchase various unique items, such as the Stardrop (which increases your maximum energy), a rare crow, fedora, or dried sunflowers. It’s a good way to get these exclusive items.

Yes, you should donate your first Dinosaur Egg to the Museum. Doing so completes a part of the Museum collection, contributing towards the rewards that Gunther gives you. After that, you can incubate subsequent Dinosaur Eggs in a Big Coop to raise your own dinosaurs for more eggs.

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