Stardew Valley Expanded Fish Collection 2023

In the base game, fish ponds are a type of farm building that allows you to raise and harvest fish. You can add one type of fish to each pond and it will multiply over time, up to a maximum capacity. Occasionally, the fish will ask for specific items, and providing these items can lead to the pond producing roe and other items, as well as increasing its capacity.

Stardew Valley Expanded Fish

In this article, I’ve collected all the fish collections, where to find them, and in what weather they are found. 

 All fish collection

FishPriceLocationSeasonTimeWeatherMin DepthMax DepthBehaviorSpecial Info
Baby Lunaloo45gGinger Island, Fable ReefAll Seasons5PM – 2AMAny015Sinker
Bonefish200gCrimson BadlandsAll Seasons6AM – 2AMAny570Sinker
Bull Trout185gForest, West Cindersap The Mountain Adventurer Summit HighlandsSummer (in West Cindersap), Fall, Winter6AM – 2AMAny045Mixed
Butterfish225gForest West (Summer), Shearwater BridgeSpring, Summer, Fall6AM – 2AMSunny075DartGlazed Butterfish, loved by Andy, Gus, Victor, Willy
Clownfish90gGinger IslandAll Seasons10AM – 5PMAny345Dart
Daggerfish250gHighland RuinsAll Seasons6AM – 2AMAny050DartLoved by Lance, Marlon
Dulse Seaweed35gBlue Moon Vineyard, Fable Reef BeachAll Seasons6AM – 2AMAny050DartSeaweed Salad
Frog100gMountainSpring, Summer6PM – 2AMRainy570SinkerFrog Legs, loved by Morgan, Abigail, Sebastian, Vincent
Gemfish1200gHighlands CavernAll Seasons6AM – 2AMAny0100SinkerLoved by Dwarf, Lance
Goldenfish150gSprite Spring, Junimo WoodsAll Seasons6AM – 2AMAny060MixedLoved by Marlon

Here is a table that shows the fish you can catch in Stardew Valley, when and where you can find them, and what weather they prefer. 

Fish Collection By Location and Weather

BullheadMountain LakeAnytimeAny
CarpMountain Lake, Sewers, Secret Woods PondAnytimeAny
CatfishRiver, Secret Woods Pond, Witch’s SwampAnytimeRain
EelOceanAfter 4 PMRain
HalibutOceanEarly Morning & NightAny
Largemouth BassMountain LakeAnytimeAny
Legend FishMountain LakeAnytimeRain
Smallmouth BassRiverAnytimeAny

Time and Location to Find Each Fish in Stardew Valley


HalibutOceanEarly Morning & NightAny
OctopusOceanEarly MorningAny
Rainbow TroutRiverDaytimeSunny
Red MulletOceanAnytimeAny
Red SnapperOceanAnytimeRain
SturgeonMountain LakeAnytimeAny


Black BassRiverAnytimeAny
HalibutOceanEarly Morning & NightAny
Smallmouth BassRiverAnytimeAny
Tiger TroutRiverDaytimeAny
WalleyeRiver, Lake, Forest PondAfternoon & NightRain


AlbacoreOceanDaytime & NightAny
BullheadMountain LakeAnytimeAny
CarpMountain Lake, Sewers, Secret Woods PondAnytimeAny
LingcodRiver, Mountain LakeAnytimeAny
PerchRiver, Mountain Lake, Forest PondAnytimeAny
PikeRiver, Mountain Lake, Forest PondAnytimeAny
Winter SeaOceanDaytimeAny


Tackle is equipment that can be attached to a fishing rod to provide various benefits while fishing in Stardew Valley. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there are six types of tackle that you can use:

  1. Spinner: The shape of this tackle makes your fishing bar move faster, which can help you reel in fish more quickly.
  2. Trap Bobber: This tackle causes fish to escape slower when you aren’t reeling them in, making it easier to catch them.
  3. Lead Bobber: This heavy bobber causes your fishing bar to sink faster in the water, which can be useful for catching fish that reside towards the bottom.
  4. Treasure Hunter: This tackle makes treasure chests appear more often while fishing and prevents fish from escaping while you are reeling in the treasure.
  5. Cork Bobber: This bobber increases the size of your fishing bar, making it easier to reel in fish.
  6. Barbed Hook: This hook makes your catch more likely to stay on the line. When the fishing bar is in the “catching” position, the fish will stay on the line 66% of the time.

Tackle can be crafted if you have a high enough fishing level and the right materials, or it can be purchased from certain shops. Please note that you need an Iridium Rod to use tackle.

FishSpawn FrequencyQuest atRequired Items
Lionfish3 days33 Ginger or 1 Pineapple
51 Mango
Blue Discus3 days33 Taro Root
510 Taro Root
Stingray4 days37 Cinder Shard
51 Dragon Tooth
Squid3 days33 Coral or 1 Sea Urchin
52 Sardine
Midnight Squid3 days33 Coral or 2 Sea Urchin
52 Sardine
81 Ocean Stone
Carp1 day32 Green Algae
52 Cave Carrot
Herring1 day33 Driftwood
51 Coral
Sunfish1 day32 Acorn or 2 Geode
51 Amethyst or 3 Mixed Seeds
Blobfish4 days13 Coral, 2 Frozen Tear, or 2 Sea Urchin
35 Coffee Bean, 1 Mayonnaise, or 1 Pizza
51 Cookie, 1 Green Tea, or 1 Wine
71 Rainbow Shell or 1 Rice Pudding
Void Salmon4 days15 Void Essence
310 Bat Wing
51 Diamond or 1 Void Egg
71 Iridium Ore
Lobster3 days35 Clay
510 Bug Meat or 5 Quartz
71 Sea Urchin, 5 Solar Essence, or 1 Wild Bait


The Stardew Valley Expanded Fish Collection provides a deeply enriched and strategic gaming experience. With a multitude of fish species, each having unique spawning conditions influenced by factors such as weather, time, and location, the game offers a more diversified and challenging engagement to the players. The introduction of fish ponds for rearing and harvesting fish adds another level of depth, enhancing the player’s interaction with the game’s environment.

Furthermore, the use of various tackles and baits enables a wide range of fishing strategies, contributing to a more dynamic and complex gaming landscape. Notably, the role of fish isn’t confined to the act of fishing alone – they also serve as a significant part of the in-game economy and as specific character preferences, influencing the social aspects within Stardew Valley.

Whether for new or seasoned players, the expanded fish collection provides a rewarding venture into the intricacies of fishing, promising a multifaceted and captivating gaming experience.


To complete the fish collection in Stardew Valley, you must catch every type of fish in the game. This includes fishes found in various locations during different seasons, times, and weather conditions. Some fishes require upgrading your fishing rod and attaching bait or tackle. Some fishes are only found in certain farm types, during certain weather conditions or are exclusive to certain events or special locations.

In Stardew Valley, it’s worth keeping the Legendary Fish (Angler, Crimsonfish, Glacierfish, Legend, and Mutant Carp) as they are unique and can only be caught once. The more common but valuable fish such as Lava Eel, Ice Pip, Blobfish, and Sturgeon can also be kept. They can be used in cooking recipes or sold for a higher price. Fish used in the Community Center bundles, such as the Catfish or Tilapia, are also worth keeping until the bundle is complete.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Sturgeon is considered one of the most profitable fish to farm in Stardew Valley due to its production of Sturgeon Roe, which can be turned into Caviar in a preserves jar. Caviar sells for a high price and can provide a consistent income. The profitability of fish can vary based on updates or mods in the game. Please check the latest guides for the most recent information.

Completing the fish bundle in the Community Center in Stardew Valley rewards the player with the Glittering Boulder being removed from the easternmost point of the river in the Mountain area. This opens up the panning activity, where players can use a Copper Pan to obtain ore, coal, geodes, and other items that appear as glistening spots in the water.

The hardest fish to catch in Stardew Valley is generally considered to be the “Legend” fish, available in Spring on rainy days in the Mountain Lake. The fish has a fishing difficulty of 110, the highest in the game, and requires a fishing level of 10 to even attempt to catch it, making it quite a challenge for players.

In the base game of Stardew Valley, the maximum fishing level you can reach is level 10. However, if you’re using mods that allow you to go beyond level 10, such as the “Skill Prestige Mod”, you would continue to gain experience and levels in the same way as before: by fishing and crab potting. This includes catching fish, successful use of bait, and harvesting crab pots. Just remember, mod use may impact your gameplay and is used at your own discretion.

Catching all the Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley doesn’t provide any specific game event or reward in itself, as it’s more of a personal achievement. These fish are the hardest to catch and can only be caught once per save file. They are worth a large amount of gold, so they can boost your earnings. Additionally, catching these fish contributes to the completion of the fishing collection in your game menu.

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