Stardew Valley Maki Roll [Complete Guide 2023]

Key Take Aways [Stardew Valley Maki Roll]

  • Maki Roll, a Stardew Valley dish, is prepared using Fish, Seaweed, and Rice.
  • The recipe can be learned from ‘The Queen of Sauce’ TV show or from Linus at 3 heart friendship.
  • Maki Roll replenishes 100 energy and 45 health and is liked as a gift by most villagers.
  • It is also a required item for the Fodder Bundle in the Community Center.
  • Ingredients needed: 1 Fish (any kind), 1 Seaweed, 1 Rice, and a kitchen in an upgraded Farmhouse.
  • The item ID code for spawning Maki Roll is [228].

The Maki Roll is a versatile dish in the Stardew Valley universe. It’s prepared using Fish, Seaweed, and Rice, utilizing the kitchen in an upgraded farmhouse. The recipe becomes accessible either from ‘The Queen of Sauce’ TV program on the 21st of Summer in the first year or after reaching a 3 heart friendship with Linus.

Apart from replenishing health and energy, Maki Roll serves a couple of additional roles. It’s part of the Bulletin Board’s Fodder Bundle, and most villagers consider it a like gift. So, having Maki Roll in your cookery arsenal is quite beneficial.

Maki Roll Uses and Features

The Maki Roll in Stardew Valley has several uses and features that make it a unique item in the game.

  • Energy and Health Regeneration: Maki Roll is a great food item for energy and health recovery. It provides 100 energy and 45 health when consumed, making it a good resource during mining, fishing, or combat situations.
  • Bundle Requirement: It is one of the items required to complete the Fodder Bundle in the Community Center. The Fodder Bundle is part of the Bulletin Board and once completed, helps towards the overall restoration of the Community Center.
  • Gift: It is also a great item to gift to villagers. Most villagers in the game like receiving a Maki Roll, which can help to increase your friendship levels with them.
  • Cooking: The Maki Roll is a cooked dish, meaning players can improve their cooking skills by preparing it. To cook a Maki Roll, you need a Kitchen in an upgraded Farmhouse.
  • Buff: Unlike many other dishes in the game, the Maki Roll does not provide any kind of skill or status buff when consumed.

Remember, to make a Maki Roll, you need one fish (any type), one seaweed, and one rice. These ingredients make it a great way to use the “lesser” fish that may not have as much value if sold directly.

Stardew Valley Maki Roll Recipe

The Maki Roll recipe in Stardew Valley requires:

  1. Fish (any kind): 1
  2. Seaweed: 1
  3. Rice: 1

Once you have these ingredients, you can cook the Maki Roll in the kitchen of an upgraded Farmhouse. The recipe can be learned from The Queen of Sauce television program on the 21st of Summer in the 2nd year, or it can also be obtained as a gift from Linus when you reach 3 hearts friendship with him.

How To Get The Recipe For Maki Roll?

Obtaining the Maki Roll recipe in Stardew Valley requires careful attention to two specific scenarios:

  1. The Queen of Sauce show: This TV cooking program, aired every Sunday (and reruns on Wednesday), is a key source of various recipes. The Maki Roll recipe specifically becomes available on the 21st of Summer in your second year in the game. You will need a TV in your farmhouse to watch the program. Be sure to tune in, as missing an episode might mean waiting for the re-run schedule to loop back around.
  2. Building a Relationship with Linus: Linus, a friendly forager living in a tent to the north of Pelican Town, is a valuable friend to make. Once you’ve nurtured your friendship with Linus to the level of 3 hearts, he will express his gratitude by sending you the Maki Roll recipe through the mail. This gesture emphasizes the importance of maintaining good relationships with the villagers in Stardew Valley.

Pro Tip

Once you’ve acquired the recipe by either of these methods, you can prepare Maki Rolls in the kitchen of your farmhouse, assuming it has been upgraded sufficiently to include a kitchen.

How To Make A Maki Roll In Stardew Valley?

To make a Maki Roll in Stardew Valley, you need:

  1. A Kitchen: This is an upgrade for your farmhouse that you can get from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop.
  2. The Recipe: You can get the Maki Roll recipe either from the cooking show “Queen of Sauce” on the 21st of Summer in the second year or by reaching 3 hearts friendship level with Linus.
  3. Ingredients: The Maki Roll requires Fish (any), Seaweed, and Rice.

To prepare the Maki Roll, interact with the kitchen and select the Maki Roll from the cooking menu. If you have all the necessary ingredients in your inventory, you can create the Maki Roll. The process is automatic and instant. Once done, the Maki Roll will appear in your inventory.

Stardew Valley Maki Roll Code

The Maki Roll is a cooked dish in Stardew Valley. It’s a sushi roll made with rice, seaweed, and fish. Maki Rolls can be used as a great gift or a source of energy and health. It can be prepared in the kitchen if you have all the required ingredients and recipes.

The item ID code for the Maki Roll in Stardew Valley is [228]. You can spawn Maki Roll into your inventory by using the following command in the Stardew Valley game:

/item 228

Please note that using cheats can impact your gameplay experience and isn’t recommended for your first playthrough.


Stardew Valley offers an extensive cooking system, with the Maki Roll being one of its distinctive dishes. Its versatility extends beyond health and energy regeneration, as it is an essential component of the Fodder Bundle and a liked gift for villagers. Obtaining the Maki Roll recipe involves tuning into ‘The Queen of Sauce’ TV program or nurturing a friendship with Linus.

On the other hand, Green Beans represent another integral element of Stardew Valley, contributing to the game’s economy and social interaction. Understanding the dynamics of these items can significantly enhance your overall Stardew Valley gaming experience.


In Stardew Valley, the kitchen allows you to cook various recipes once it’s installed in your farmhouse. Cooking can provide various benefits such as health and energy restoration, and increased abilities, and it can also be a great way to use your crops, fish, and foraged items. You can prepare meals for your character or use them as gifts for the townsfolk. The kitchen also helps you complete various cooking and gifting quests throughout the game. New recipes can be learned from cooking shows on TV, given as rewards for increasing friendships with villagers, or found when exploring the mine.

In Stardew Valley, the recipe for the Maki Roll is given by The Queen of Sauce television program on the 21st of Summer in odd-numbered years. You can also get the recipe randomly from Linus when you attend the Stardew Valley Fair and play the Spin the Wheel game.

To get the Sashimi recipe in Stardew Valley, you need to reach 3 hearts of friendship with Linus. After this, he will mail you the recipe. To make Sashimi, you’ll need any fish and the recipe can be cooked in the kitchen of an upgraded farmhouse.

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